I am social media awkward (or maybe just averse?) for the most part but make a big exception for Instagram. I am floored how much it has changed the game for artists, creatives, and small businesses in particular. Being able to sneak inside studios and homes, getting insight into the processes and inspiration behind work I admire is fun and truly inspiring. I also love the community it creates-making a network of people who support, give feedback, and share in the process. I have discovered so much new goodness this way! Personally, I am also beginning to appreciate the time-stamped record of my life and work as I have always been terrible at journaling. It has been invaluable to go back over the last year or so and see what I've done! 

Ever the visual person and collector I often take screenshots of stuff I love as it comes across my feed. This has resulted in lots of random folders titled InstaInspo scattered around in my Dropbox and in Evernote. Thinking maybe its more fun to share I am taking a tip I learned recently (thanks to Meighan O'Toole!) and pinning images straight to Pinterest. Huzzah! I thought it might also be fun to share them here on occasion, so lets make this the inaugural installment of the my new Insta-Inspo Series.

I wanted to kick it off with what I guess is my signature color at this point! INDIGO. I have seen so many people using gorgeous, moody blues in their work. Finally, a trend I may have been ahead on! HA. My love for indigo goes way back to my first foray into fiber arts in college. My professor (the incredible Ursula McCarty) taught me all about the process and set off a lifetime love affair with those inky blues. We learned about its roots in Africa and Japan and followed it all the way to modern day US in brands like Levi's; explored the huge range of resist techniques and patterns; and studied the mystery and the magic of the individual vat and the dyer's hand. It has been interesting to see indigo and some of the more traditional presentations of it becoming almost ubiquitous in mainstream design and fashion over the last few years. Somehow it still feels fresh and beautiful in so many ways. Below are just a few images incorporating indigo hues I've found inspiring lately from the artists, craftspeople, and makers I follow over on Instagram. I totally cheated and included one of my own images!  


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