Huzzah! November 1st already! October, where'd ya go? It was kind of a blur. I had lots of work projects- a few start to finish and a few I am just beginning. There was a fabulous (but short) girl's trip to the North Georgia mountains. I had a birthday! My husband temporarily immobilized himself with a back injury and thankfully quickly recovered. A few dramatic home repairs reared their ugly heads. Is there anything less exciting than a septic system to drop a ton of money on? Yipes. What else?  I actually went out and had some fabulous dates with old friends at new to me Atlanta joints in Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market. I used Uber for the first time! I was such a dork and totally didn't get how it worked but am now convinced its the best thing ever. I started a series of minor surgeries last week which has me in the Dr. office every single day. More than anything the scheduling is an epic pain in the ass. Taking care of yourself is hard work people! Thankful for flexibility and help from D and our families or I'd, I dunno, just not do it. 

Anyhoo...welcome November! Atlanta is crazy beautiful in the fall. This year was kind of weird with summer hanging on for little too long. We had tons of rain, some unseasonably warm, then unseasonably cold days, and wrapped it up with full transition to glorious fall colors in less than a week. Halloween last night was so much fun-my mom went all out and made the girls really fabulous witch and wizard costumes. Our neighborhood has a fun little shindig and giant turnout of trick or treaters so we had a great night with neighbors and friends. Unfortunately my sweet Wizard woke up in the night with a raging fever so we're laying low and starting off this new month with lazing about and art making around the house. 

My girls in their fabulous Grandma-made costumes

My girls in their fabulous Grandma-made costumes


AREPA MIA, DECATUR: I forgot how much I love this little place. They cook up some killer Venezualen food. We had the vegetarian arepa and their chicken & veggie soup today. Amazing. Check em out if you're ever in our 'hood! 

A MODERN NATURAL DYER: I adore Kristine Vejar's Oakland shop, A Verb For Keeping Warm. Its a little slice of textile heaven in Oakland, CA. Her new book is all about natural dyes and it looks beautiful and comprehensive. I've done a lot with natural dyes but its been years and I look forward to learning from her. The styling and design are spot on!

INSTANT POT: I feel sorry for anyone who has stood still near me long enough to get me started on this thing! I can't shut up when I'm in love. We recently lost our slow cooker, rice cooker, and pressure cooker and this replaced them all! Dried beans to perfectly al dente in 30 minutes. Spuds to mashed potatoes in 10! Perfectly gelatinous bone broth in under 2 hours. Seriously fabulous addition to the kitchen.

DOOR SIXTEEN: Well dang! I have followed Anna's blog for so long and have always loved seeing NY from her viewpoint. So stoked to discover the Southwest through her eyes! 

A PROPER STOVETOP MOKA: We've had a stovetop percolator for years and I always just sort of wing the method. Going to have to try the proper Italian method outlined here. Come over and I'll make you a cup. 

THE NEW YORKER RADIO HOUR: Podcasts & New Yorker! Together at last! So far, so good.