This could be the year guys. I typically have unrealistic, annoying goals of hand-crafting gifts for our family and friends for the holidays, and this year is no different. I have the extra motivation of having a super limited/non existent budget and lots of usable materials in the studio. In my humble opinion handmade, repurposed, or hand me down things make such special gifts. Here are a few ideas I'm knocking around. 



purl soho felted water bottle cover

HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER: The girls really like cozying up with a hot water bottle so I was thinking it would be nice to make them each their own water bottle cozy. I am a really slow knitter, but maybe I could manage 2 of these simple knitted beauties? Or this simple felt version would be even easier. 

APRONS: I've been wanting to make cross-back aprons like these forever but too lazy to figure out exactly how. Now I know! I have quite a bit of this really soft, drapey denim that would be beautiful for these. Everyone needs a good apron.

CANDLES: I want to make a dozen or so scented soy candles in special, found vessels that could be reused. Perfect way to use some of the amazing little ceramics I've thrifted or bought from estate sales.

hand dyed in indigo with arashi shibori resist

SCARVES: I have a few silk scarf blanks and some beautiful slubby, raw silk yardage I want to dye. Arashi shibori is one of my favorite techniques, thinking it would be especially beautiful for scarves. 

TEENY TINY ART: I am on a roll in the studio, working on my encaustic paintings almost every day. I have a few tiny panels like this one I painted earlier this year that would make really special pieces-perfect for perching on a shelf or window ledge. 

QUILT: Ok I'm not totally nutter. I realize I can't start and finish a quilt by Christmas. I do however really want to finally start the quilt I've had in my head for the last 10+ years. This pattern is sort of what I was thinking but I want it to be monochromatic with sashiko style top stitching. I've already dyed a ton of indigo yardage and have it stashed for this project. 

scotcheroos recipe

SWEET TOOTH: Scotcheroos, the favorite bar cookie of my childhood. So easy and dangerously delicious.  These Almond Joy Bites sound like they could be a good, gifted option too. 

WOOL SLIPPERS: I have enough wool roving to felt all the things for everyone, forever. I really want to try my hand at custom slippers or boots for my little ones. This is kind of the look I have in mind. I have tons of scrap leather to use from the bottoms, too.

BENTO BAGS: I love these simple, Japanese style storage bags, and think they'd make such a lovely, useful gift. They would be quick and easy and a great way to de-stash some fabric.

If all these plans go to crap, I will do as I did last year. Damn the debt and hit up a bunch of my favorite local shops and impulse buy some amazing little treasures! Pam of Sweet Peach will have her new Sweet Spots guide (heres last years) out soon-so many good ideas of where to go and what to get! 

Do you have any handmade holiday things on the docket? Any ideas I can steal? Let me know, I'd love to hear!