I missed a few weeks of posting here and actually found myself wanting to get back to it, realizing I had gotten a tiny bit of momentum going and I really like having this record of whats happening in my little slice of the world. So back to it!

A recent botanically inspired encaustic piece.

A recent botanically inspired encaustic piece.

I've been working away on the encaustic pieces I started a few weeks ago, and even found a home for the first few in my own house! Whoooot! My work hardly ever sticks around past creation so it feels good to have them up. I want to make at least 4 more for this space since we have a lot of height to work with. 


Made by Rae's patterns are favorites around here. We've loved the mess out of the Big Butt Baby Pants and Toddler Backpacks made by my sisters for our kids. Her new Luna pants caught my eye and felt like they were something even this terrible seamstress could tackle. They were fun and easy to put together, I highly recommend. I will make another pair soon, the pair I made were really intended as the muslin and are a bit wonky. 

I just got a commission order for a big ol' diptych and embellishing on a few other little pieces. Should be fun and fairly straightforward but the turnaround time is super tight and will cut in to my holiday making plans. Ah well. This is the way of the self employed artist/mom/person trying to fit too much in. I will post some progress shots soon!

late nights and lots of plants in the studio

late nights and lots of plants in the studio


Claire Danes in The Edit: Isn't she just the best?! I loved reading about her views on motherhood, therapy, and her work. She seems so down to earth for someone who has been super famous for most of her life. Aside from that I just love this spread and THE CLOTHES! 

Conversation Starters: Totally saw this a day too late! We went to David's company party last night and it was tons of fun but man-conversation with strangers isn't always easy. Maybe these will help you in your time of need? 

Wine Myths: Did you know you should be blending your vino? It's legit! My brother in law was a wine maker and tipped me off to this speed decanting trick at their recent visit. Some other interesting facts here too. I'm definitely keeping my wine in all the wrong places.

Nadia Reid: As a lover of moody folk this hits all the right notes for me. She kind of reminds me of Patti Griffin and Cat Power. Call the Days is particularly lovely. Good art making music.

Hamilton: Ok I'm super late to this party but dang!  I've never geeked so hard on a musical before. If you aren't familiar its the Broadway retelling of the story of Alexander Hamilton and much of our nation's founding told largely through hip hop by a totally multi racial cast. Its so much cooler than I can make it sound. Anyhoo-I'm streaming the entire cast recording on Spotify and you should be too.

M Train: I heard an interview with Patti Smith on a recent New Yorker Radio Hour. What a fascinating character. Adding her most recent book to my 2016 read list.