Well 2017 has been a lot of things but certainly not the year in which I mastered the art of the updated blog. Oy! I did, however, make a whole ton of art! I had so much fun making challenging new works-tackling many of the biggest and most complicated pieces I've ever done.

I continued to build relationships with my incredible client base and gained some fab new clients-all of whom I am SO incredibly grateful for. My network of creative and inspirational friends and fam made this year possible. My longtime friend and creative collaborator, Justine Rubin, joined me in the studio and together we were able to tackle some seriously daunting projects (and had so much fun and so many snack breaks while doing it). My pal and biz consultant Laura Liatis helps keep me sane, makes sure I keep all my i's dotted and t's crossed, and reminds me of the big picture goals I'm working towards. So many of the art consultants who form my base clientele are also dear friends and they are just the absolute best- I couldn't be doing this without them. 

My little family continues being my inspiration and much of the driving force that keeps me going. Parenting 3 kiddos and running a business from home is not always easy or ideal but I'm so, so crazy glad this is my life. My husband David made more trips to the art store for emergency art supplies and has and helped me through more late nights and rushed deadlines than anyone can probably imagine. I've nowhere near mastered the elusive "work-life" balance I used to think existed, and maybe I've come closer to terms with that-perhaps I've gotten a little better about asking for and hiring help. My parents jumped in to help not only with kiddo care and random acts of kindness in the form of homecooked meals and laundry folding, but my super handy stepdad Bob (offical title: Grumpa Bob) helped with building, painting, tooling, Home Depot runs, and encouraging me to do things the slightly less-hard way. Ink and Indigo has really (for better or worse) become a family affair! 

Atlanta is an amazing city for us creative creatures and one of the things I'm most excited about is connecting with more local peeps and the local art scene in the upcoming year. I've mostly been an art hermit for the last couple of years but am feeling the pull to come out of that phase and Justine and I are looking at expanding to a proper brick and mortar studio (!!!!!) We have big ideas and big plans that we are ready to make reality-watch this space for more good things to come in 2018! 

To all of the awesome peeps who continue to cheer me on-whether it be virtual or here at home-THANK YOU for an awesome year! I hope 2018 brings you so much goodness. 

Before we officially say goodbye to this year of challenges, joy, and growth-lets have a look at a few things that came out of the #inkandindigostudio in 2017: