Hi there! I have a new project to share with you guys! My friend and fellow artist Kellee Wynne has organized The Queen of Hearts Project (#queenofheartsproject over on Instagram)-a creative collaboration to benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation, a charity whose mission is to end domestic violence. Each of the 12 artists participating created an original work using the Queen of Hearts playing card. These 12 pieces are being made into fine art print sets, available for pre-sale for $20 starting today-just head over to Kellee's site to order!  Besides buying a set, you can help us spread the word by altering your own card and tagging @kelleewynnestudios and the hashtag #queenofheartsproject. We'd love to see what you come up with!

I decided to give my card a little indigold treatment-just couldn't help myself ;) If I had some free time I might have just made a whole set-the tiny format is so fun and challenging!

I love seeing how each artist made it her own-the set is going to be fab. Thanks to Kellee for pulling this together!

A Creative Challenge | #100daysofinkandindigo

Have you heard of the #100dayproject? Its an Instagram based make-a-long project originated by the The Great Discontent & Elle Luna. As The Great Discontent describes it:

"a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process." 

illustration by Elle Luna

illustration by Elle Luna

Consider it a call to create, join on a little journey with a larger community, and a challenge to stick with something through to the end. For me, creating everyday is not the challenge-thats kind of ingrained in who I am.  I, however, have major shiny object syndrome and am easily distracted with new projects so the DAILY part will probably be whats hard for me. I'm thinking the added accountability of announcing the project and having a community cheering me on will make it fun and finish-able. 

When trying to thing of what would be manageable and satisfying for 100 days my mind wandered over to these deep blue pigment and paper pieces I've been playing with. They're so immediate and a little unpredictable-something kind of different for me. I spent a few days last week getting paper torn down and painted (pigmented? video here ) and I've got 100 6"x6" beauties ready! I am going to create ink drawing overlays daily on each one. This may have also been an excuse to justify purchasing a bunch of inks to play with. Ha! A few of them I might have to leave as is-the compositions are so beautiful on their own! How AMAZING will it be to have a whole wall of them?! That alone is enough to keep me motivated!! 

ink and indigo, pigment paintings for the100dayproject.jpg


Check out Elle Luna's instagram for more info-and let me know if you join! I want to see what you're up to! I will be tagging all of mine with #100daysofinkandindigo over on Instagram so follow along there!




Metallic accents have turned into a theme of sorts this year-popping up in my sculptural work as well as my paintings. For my recent commission of three 48"x48" panels for a hospitality project I opted to work with my favorite medium at the moment: encaustic. The concept for the look of the pieces was very minimal-l felt like encaustic added depth and texture that really elevated the pieces. After some failed experimenting I developed a sort of inlay technique to apply the gold metal leaf and gold encaustic. I traced and carved out 1" circles, painted the area with metal leaf sizing, let it set, then applied the leaf. I gently fused the area with a torch, then scraped away the excess leaf. I then filled in over the leafed area with un-tinted encaustic, sealing it with a gentle fusing. More scraping, fusing and buffing to get the surface even, and I am pretty happy with the effect. There will be definitely be lots more exploring metallics and encaustics in the studio soon! 

Here are a few images of the completed pieces. My place is lacking in 12' open wall space to show them side to side as they will be installed onsite.  Hoping to have proper installation shots when they are installed at their new home in a hotel outside of Chicago! Bon voyage lovelies!


Interested in my encaustic work or other commission work? Contact me at, I'd love to chat!






Well hello again! I have been radio silent on here but busy at home and in the studio. I have 6 paintings (3 encaustic on panel & 3 acrylic on canvas), and 1 large clay wall sculpture in the works. Lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of neglecting of everything that's not art making. 

And there's something else I'm really excited about! I recently joined a group of creatives organized by artist and all-around great human Emily Jeffords. She and I met at ALT Summit a couple of years ago and I have so enjoyed following along as she creates, grows her business, and creates community. Girl is GIFTED and so, so kind. A couple of weeks ago she hosted a series of Periscope chats on her painting to print process. I had only seen a couple of other Periscopes but the format was surprisingly appealing and interactive and hers were so informative. I love this sort of sharing of knowledge, especially among creatives. Anyhoo-there were a few people asking Art Consulting questions within this creative group and I offered to hop on Periscope to do a little chat about what the heck Art Consulting is, how to work with Consultants, and other random tidbits from an insider's perspective to this little slice of the art and design world in which I've been immersed for the last decade or so. I was really nervous and awkward as all hell but it was AWESOME. So many artists reached out to say it was helpful and inspiring and sent me their portfolios to review.  

I have long joked that I hold so much useless art business info in my brain-I always kind of felt like it was so specific that no one I knew really needed it. CUE THE INTERWEBS. Obviously the people are out there, I just needed to reach them! I am realizing this is totally not useless to other artists and my mind is spinning with how much more I have to share, other art insider folks I could tap for expertise, how this info could be shared online or in workshops....I'm stoked! My experience in art consulting, art licensing, print, and production combined with my years as an artist who works within these realms could be of value to folks in my field and I'm excited to explore just how to offer Creative Consulting services and information. 

In the meantime keep an eye here in the WAYS TO WORK series for future posts with behind-the-scenes info and discussions about the business (+more) of art. I am @inkandindigo on Periscope and would love for you to join me there. 

Are there any burning questions you have for someone in my field? Do you need feedback on your portfolio? Hit me up here, I'd love to help and possibly cover some of them in the future! 


The most recent commission in the studio brought the opportunity to do something a little different from the abstract encaustic pieces and landscapes I've been working with lately. A rich, velvety, painted black background with metallic gold abstract design overlay was just the break I needed from the painterly world I've been in. Repetitive, graphic, abstract forms are my jam-this piece has a lot of the elements you'd find again and again in my notebooks of doodles. A few images of the process below:

Something a little cosmic glam about this piece, which felt kinda perfect for the week we said goodbye to Bowie. My daughter's preschool had a Bowie Dance Party on Friday to celebrate his life. How beautiful is that? 

Excerpt from the Bowie book created for the preschoolers, image from the Turning Sun School Instagram   

Excerpt from the Bowie book created for the preschoolers, image from the Turning Sun School Instagram


This piece made me really happy and seemed to appeal to a lot of folks I shared it with so I am inspired to make more soon. Lots of shiny, happy things coming out of the studio in 2016!