A Creative Challenge | #100daysofinkandindigo

Have you heard of the #100dayproject? Its an Instagram based make-a-long project originated by the The Great Discontent & Elle Luna. As The Great Discontent describes it:

"a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process." 

illustration by Elle Luna

illustration by Elle Luna

Consider it a call to create, join on a little journey with a larger community, and a challenge to stick with something through to the end. For me, creating everyday is not the challenge-thats kind of ingrained in who I am.  I, however, have major shiny object syndrome and am easily distracted with new projects so the DAILY part will probably be whats hard for me. I'm thinking the added accountability of announcing the project and having a community cheering me on will make it fun and finish-able. 

When trying to thing of what would be manageable and satisfying for 100 days my mind wandered over to these deep blue pigment and paper pieces I've been playing with. They're so immediate and a little unpredictable-something kind of different for me. I spent a few days last week getting paper torn down and painted (pigmented? video here ) and I've got 100 6"x6" beauties ready! I am going to create ink drawing overlays daily on each one. This may have also been an excuse to justify purchasing a bunch of inks to play with. Ha! A few of them I might have to leave as is-the compositions are so beautiful on their own! How AMAZING will it be to have a whole wall of them?! That alone is enough to keep me motivated!! 

ink and indigo, pigment paintings for the100dayproject.jpg


Check out Elle Luna's instagram for more info-and let me know if you join! I want to see what you're up to! I will be tagging all of mine with #100daysofinkandindigo over on Instagram so follow along there!