Through the wonders of Instagram rabbit-holing (its a thing) I stumbled across an artist I whose work I have known for a long time but whom I hadn't connected with in years. I am so thrilled to have rediscovered the art of Mary O'Malley, a New Hampshire based fine artist I was introduced to in my art consulting days. Her work became a favorite and I'm pretty sure I tried to spec it on ALL THE THINGS for a couple of years while there. Who can blame me? Mary expertly wields gouache and metallic inks to create her mind-blowingly intricate work that reimagines seemingly familiar themes of nature, architecture, decorative arts. In her words:

"I draw and paint flowers, insects, birds and other things in intricate tangles resembling bouquets and chandeliers. My work begins with a fascination with nature combined with an obsession with ornamentation and decoration. I draw inspiration from many sources-botanical illustration, Hindu and Islamic art and architecture, decorative arts, and fractal geometry. Flora and fauna, obsessive patterning, and a Baroque sensibility come together to create a new world of hybrid chandeliers, psychedelic altars, curious bouquets, and imagined landscapes."

Ink and Indigo Artist Feature | Mary O Malley

I love how she plays with color; working from subtle almost monochromatic palettes to eye poppingly bright contrasting tones. There is such a great range of work-dig in and check out her full portfolio portion of her site, I can hardly do it justice here. She offers many of her pieces as prints (and even tattoos!) in her online shop.  Her work is included in Bloom- a gorgeous show opening this weekend at Walker Contemporary in Vermont. She is also working on an adult coloring book in collaboration with photographer David J. Bookbinder, check out a sneak peek here

I have seen her work in person and the detail is just incredible. She shares lots of process shots on Instagram that really help you appreciate how intricate the pieces are. 

You can (and should) find and follow Mary all over the web to see whats new and next for her:

Instagram:  @maryomalleyart


Twitter: @maryomalleyart


Big thanks to Mary for allowing me to share her work here!