Well hello again! I have been radio silent on here but busy at home and in the studio. I have 6 paintings (3 encaustic on panel & 3 acrylic on canvas), and 1 large clay wall sculpture in the works. Lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of neglecting of everything that's not art making. 

And there's something else I'm really excited about! I recently joined a group of creatives organized by artist and all-around great human Emily Jeffords. She and I met at ALT Summit a couple of years ago and I have so enjoyed following along as she creates, grows her business, and creates community. Girl is GIFTED and so, so kind. A couple of weeks ago she hosted a series of Periscope chats on her painting to print process. I had only seen a couple of other Periscopes but the format was surprisingly appealing and interactive and hers were so informative. I love this sort of sharing of knowledge, especially among creatives. Anyhoo-there were a few people asking Art Consulting questions within this creative group and I offered to hop on Periscope to do a little chat about what the heck Art Consulting is, how to work with Consultants, and other random tidbits from an insider's perspective to this little slice of the art and design world in which I've been immersed for the last decade or so. I was really nervous and awkward as all hell but it was AWESOME. So many artists reached out to say it was helpful and inspiring and sent me their portfolios to review.  

I have long joked that I hold so much useless art business info in my brain-I always kind of felt like it was so specific that no one I knew really needed it. CUE THE INTERWEBS. Obviously the people are out there, I just needed to reach them! I am realizing this is totally not useless to other artists and my mind is spinning with how much more I have to share, other art insider folks I could tap for expertise, how this info could be shared online or in workshops....I'm stoked! My experience in art consulting, art licensing, print, and production combined with my years as an artist who works within these realms could be of value to folks in my field and I'm excited to explore just how to offer Creative Consulting services and information. 

In the meantime keep an eye here in the WAYS TO WORK series for future posts with behind-the-scenes info and discussions about the business (+more) of art. I am @inkandindigo on Periscope and would love for you to join me there. 

Are there any burning questions you have for someone in my field? Do you need feedback on your portfolio? Hit me up here, I'd love to help and possibly cover some of them in the future!