Metallic accents have turned into a theme of sorts this year-popping up in my sculptural work as well as my paintings. For my recent commission of three 48"x48" panels for a hospitality project I opted to work with my favorite medium at the moment: encaustic. The concept for the look of the pieces was very minimal-l felt like encaustic added depth and texture that really elevated the pieces. After some failed experimenting I developed a sort of inlay technique to apply the gold metal leaf and gold encaustic. I traced and carved out 1" circles, painted the area with metal leaf sizing, let it set, then applied the leaf. I gently fused the area with a torch, then scraped away the excess leaf. I then filled in over the leafed area with un-tinted encaustic, sealing it with a gentle fusing. More scraping, fusing and buffing to get the surface even, and I am pretty happy with the effect. There will be definitely be lots more exploring metallics and encaustics in the studio soon! 

Here are a few images of the completed pieces. My place is lacking in 12' open wall space to show them side to side as they will be installed onsite.  Hoping to have proper installation shots when they are installed at their new home in a hotel outside of Chicago! Bon voyage lovelies!


Interested in my encaustic work or other commission work? Contact me at, I'd love to chat!






RAIN. So much rain. ATL is having a PNW moment. Its a bit much even for those of us who dig an excuse to stay in and embrace our hermitic side. Our yard is soggy, our basement is damp, our windows are foggy. I have no clothes for this type of thing so I'm perpetually inappropriately dressed in weird layers and wrong shoes. Good for the water table but DANG. Kinda over it.

Fiona and Nila watching Dad try to squeeze yard work into a short rain free interlude.

Fiona and Nila watching Dad try to squeeze yard work into a short rain free interlude.


I was at the doctor daily again this week. The procedures have taken a lot out of me and its been draining for everyone in the family to be so off schedule, One upside is that I found myself with lots of time on my hands and the need to pre-occupy so I powered through some great podcasts and spent way more time on the Feedly and Pinterest apps then I could normally justify. I forgot how totally overwhelming the non-stop onslaught of amazing visuals can be. So much inspiring stuff out there but I have to kind of shut it all out periodically or I feel sort of stunted in my own creativity. I did delete the Facebook app off my phone this week. I've only had it on there intermittently but good riddance. What a time suck. 

I've got a few new little projects on the books to finish up in the next few weeks. 2 small works on paper and 2 larger canvas or panel pieces. Both should be fun and challenging. I needed a creative interlude after spending so much time in the medical vortex so started work on a new series of encaustic pieces. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see my progress. I'm loving these! One of my goals is to create a large body of personal work and start participating in gallery shows. Progress!

                                                     one of my new encaustic pieces

                                                     one of my new encaustic pieces


  • TREEHOUSE KID & CRAFT: Really excited about the new Treehouse Kid and Craft store that just opened in Decatur. Its a beautiful, charming store that stocks well crafted and unique toys, books, and art supplies for kids. They have a sister store in Athens that we just love. We're celebrating the girls' birthdays there with an art party! Should be fun.
  • ON BEING: The On Being episode I heard today had such an interesting interview with Adam Gopnik, a staff writer for the New Yorker. Its worth a listen in its entirety but this phrase from Krista Tippett caught me: "The mystery of the fact that these people you gave birth to and raised are these surprising strangers, that you continue to discover them, and they continue to emerge in ways that you feel you had nothing to do with, that is so remarkable." It speaks so perfectly to the bittersweet magic that is parenthood.
  • SWEET DREAM SPRAY: My Aunt Rachel visited this summer and mixed Nila up a special aromatherapy spray to help ward off bad dreams. It has become a special part of our bedtime routine to spritz it all around the room and the girls now call it their "Sweet Dream Spray." It makes the room smell so fresh. Its a tad sweet with a pleasant hint of earthier herbals. Mix 2 oz distilled water, 1 oz alcohol, and 5-6 drops each (or more depending on how strong you want it) of neroli, basil, and rose absolute oils. 
  • COVER: I just discovered there is a new bookstore in town! Cover is over on the Westside, and purports to be Atlanta's "new source for visually beautiful and culturally important books about food, wine, art and design." You've got my attention! Will be paying them a visit very soon. 
  • ART FOR YOUR EAR: The Jealous Curator (one of the best art bloggers out there) has a fab podcast I am just getting caught up with. I'm loving it! Artist interviews, behind the scenes gossip, just the type of stuff I geek out over. 
  • SHEPHERD'S PIE: I made a dang good shepherd's pie last week that was a hit with the whole fam and really easy to whip up. Ground beef, carrots, kale, onion, peas, corn, mushroom with a mashed sweet potato topping. Almost everything was from our CSA! I was just winging it but this recipe is kind of similar to what I did. I am going to have to recreate it soon and will take notes to post a proper recipe here. 

Cheers to a fresh new week!