Metallic accents have turned into a theme of sorts this year-popping up in my sculptural work as well as my paintings. For my recent commission of three 48"x48" panels for a hospitality project I opted to work with my favorite medium at the moment: encaustic. The concept for the look of the pieces was very minimal-l felt like encaustic added depth and texture that really elevated the pieces. After some failed experimenting I developed a sort of inlay technique to apply the gold metal leaf and gold encaustic. I traced and carved out 1" circles, painted the area with metal leaf sizing, let it set, then applied the leaf. I gently fused the area with a torch, then scraped away the excess leaf. I then filled in over the leafed area with un-tinted encaustic, sealing it with a gentle fusing. More scraping, fusing and buffing to get the surface even, and I am pretty happy with the effect. There will be definitely be lots more exploring metallics and encaustics in the studio soon! 

Here are a few images of the completed pieces. My place is lacking in 12' open wall space to show them side to side as they will be installed onsite.  Hoping to have proper installation shots when they are installed at their new home in a hotel outside of Chicago! Bon voyage lovelies!


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