Hi there! I have a new project to share with you guys! My friend and fellow artist Kellee Wynne has organized The Queen of Hearts Project (#queenofheartsproject over on Instagram)-a creative collaboration to benefit the Joyful Heart Foundation, a charity whose mission is to end domestic violence. Each of the 12 artists participating created an original work using the Queen of Hearts playing card. These 12 pieces are being made into fine art print sets, available for pre-sale for $20 starting today-just head over to Kellee's site to order!  Besides buying a set, you can help us spread the word by altering your own card and tagging @kelleewynnestudios and the hashtag #queenofheartsproject. We'd love to see what you come up with!

I decided to give my card a little indigold treatment-just couldn't help myself ;) If I had some free time I might have just made a whole set-the tiny format is so fun and challenging!

I love seeing how each artist made it her own-the set is going to be fab. Thanks to Kellee for pulling this together!


Oh what a week it has been. A strange mix of celebration, loss, injury, and victory. Suddenly feels like there is a lot of upcoming stuff to anticipate that I am going to try to frame as INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION rather than STRESS and AGITATION. Sometimes pulling a Pollyanna is the best bet for my sanity. Smile on people. 

Watching this sweet slice of moon rise over the North Georgia mountains was a highlight from my weekend.

Watching this sweet slice of moon rise over the North Georgia mountains was a highlight from my weekend.

There has been LOTS of good stuff coming out of the studio. I finished up and said goodbye to the beautiful blue and gold commissioned painting and started work on a big (6'+) dimensional wall piece that is super fun to make and I think its going to be really special when it's done. I'm working on a post that will talk a little about how I typically work these commission type projects that will give some fun behind-the-scenes process goodness.

Progress shot of the dimensional wall piece I'm working on.

Progress shot of the dimensional wall piece I'm working on.

In the meantime; some recent favs:

FIRE TONIC: tried an amazing homemade version this weekend and am now on a mission to make my own. Equally good for a good morning kick-in-the-pants or kicking a cocktail up a notch or 12. 

NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS: I'm pro hand-clapping and cursing so this band is a win for me.

LENNY: Lena Dunham's take on a modern, Feminist newsletter

SHADES OF GREEN: We are working with Brandy on a master landscape plan incorporating tons of multi-functional /edible plants and brilliant permaculture concepts. Just looking at this thing makes me happy. 

YES KON-DO: I know, I can't walk down the street without tripping over a pile of schtuff that some overzealous kondo convert has decided DOES NOT SPARK JOY but dammit, her approach is great. My interest has been building ever since reading Sanae Ishida's blogpost on "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" early this year and I'm finally tackling some big stuff, making progress, and enjoying the benefits of LESS. 

MYSTERY SHOW: I could do a whole blog post on podcasts-I'm always on the hunt for more. They are truly an artist's best friend for the long, solo hours in the studio. I've always loved Starlee Kine from This American Life and her new show with Gimlet is just so fun and clever. I think my favorite so far is Case #3: Beltbuckle




I’ve had this domain and an abundance of ideas and projects to share for years. I’ve been steadily working as a studio artist while growing our family, starting (and subsequently closing) a business, and just haven’t had the hours needed to start something else. I’m committed to finally start posting here-a place I’m hoping I can share my work, what’s inspiring me, and the stories of other creative spaces, thinkers, and makers. I have a vision for just how I wanted this space to look and on the surface its just not there yet but in the spirit of just doing the dang thing here’s a peek at a color test swatch for my latest commission. My kind of palette!